International Customs Clearance

Having many years of experience in the market, Freight-World Customs are well versed in top notch international import and exports. We offer one of the most accessible and organised custom clearances within the industry.

Acting as a significant contributor in numerous countries around the globe, we highly pride ourselves in a thorough, transparent and adequate custom clearing procedure. We minimise all types of delays, by taking you through a comprehensive step-by-step process that prepares all customs clearances ahead of time. This facilitates an express customs clearance for Full Container Loads, LCL, Air Freight Cargo and all other forwarding services.

As a significant player in the industry, we profoundly understand that your cargo is essential. This way we diligently incorporate an efficient customs strategy that works closely with you to:

  • Offer discussions and consultations on any upcoming shipments.
  • Prepare all customs clearances ahead of time.
  • Develop express custom clearances for Air Freight Cargo, Full Container Loads and LCL

We have a highly experienced Domestic and International Customs Clearance team with the highest expertise in handling a broad and diverse range of cargo. Immediately when we receive any consignments; we diligently process them within 24 hours after obtaining all applicable documents.

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