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Freight-World started in 2012 by its founder Michael Muratore. Freight-World is an international freight player with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia along with additional offices in Sydney and Brisbane. Freight-World now boasts a Quality Control division in China which began in 2018. We have also recently handled cargo for the Metro Rail Project in Melbourne under our International Project Cargo division with our overseas partners.

Nonetheless, owing to our excellent knowledge and understanding of international trade between the USA, Malaysia, Vietnam and China, Freight-World has been able to make significant strides within foreign markets by being one of the best international freight forwarders in Australia. Freight-World can adapt to its clients’ specific requirements and offer a premium service to its local and international clients.

Michael Muratore believes that to offer the best service you must continually invest in your staff and nurture them not just as a one off but over time to keep the levels of customer service at a high level.

This is our commitment to you from Freight-World.


Tel: +61 7 3036 7425
Email: ratequotes@freight-world.com.au

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